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ON semiconductor provide board portfolio of Image sensor, from global shutter CCD to advance 7T CMOS fast speed image sensor, highest resolution of image sensor world, the best color and low light performance of the world, suitable for medical, ITS, Industry applications.


The business that would eventually become Truesense Imaging began in the Physics Division of Eastman Kodak Company in the early 1970s, with research in the nascent area of solid state imaging designed to improve upon the shortcomings of the first generation CCD technology developed at Bell Labs in 1969. The potential of these early research projects, including development of a prototype 1k CCD image sensor in 1975, drove Kodak to increase its investment in the image sensor field, and in 1979 ground was broken for a new wafer fabrication facility that was dedicated to the manufacture of solid state image sensors for captive use within its photography business.

As this new wafer fabrication facility was brought on-line, the newly formed Microelectronics Technology Division (MTD) was chartered to develop the world's first megapixel image sensor – the KAF-1400, launched in 1986. This lead quickly to the design and production of the 1.3 megapixel KAF-1300 image sensor, which was then used in world's first digital SLR camera: the KODAK DCS-100. The KAF-1300 was so instrumental in the development of digital photography that it was recognized in 2009 by the IEEE as one of the "25 Microchips that Shook the World" alongside the Intel 8088 and the Zilog Z80 processors. Throughout the '80s and '90s, MTD's focus was to develop sensors that enabled key Kodak digital imaging products, including groundbreaking DSLRs, high speed scanning systems using linear CCDs, and numerous orbital and interplanetary space systems developed by Kodak's Remote Sensing business.

At the turn of the millennium, Kodak expanded the charter of this business, now renamed Image Sensor Solutions (ISS), to sell image sensors into external imaging markets. Powered by the freedom to pursue customers in all markets, ISS was focused on growth, profitability, and global competitiveness. As the only manufacturer of interline transfer CCDs outside of Japan, ISS supplied large format, large pixel, interline CCDs for demanding commercial applications. The business added many new customers and achieved numerous high profile design wins during this period, including selection by Olympus as the supplier of image sensors used to launch the E-System DSLR cameras for the Four-Thirds format, as well as design of the KAF-22000, the world's first 22MP CCD sensor for use in medium format cameras.

Over the following years, ISS developed a wide range of innovative CCD and CMOS pixel designs and process technologies, bringing to market a series of devices targeted at a diverse range of markets. During this period, ISS developed and launched the TRUESENSE 5.5-micron Interline Transfer CCD platform, a "plug-and-play" family of devices that allow camera manufacturers to leverage a common camera design across resolutions ranging from 1 to 29 megapixels. ISS also developed the industry's first hole-transport PMOS sensor, the first device to utilize the TRUESENSE Sparse Color Filter Pattern, the first 1.4μm, ¼" format, 5 megapixel CMOS sensor for mobile applications, as well as the world's first 50 million pixel image sensor for professional photography.

At the end of 2011, the Image Sensor Solutions business was acquired in whole by Platinum Equity and renamed Truesense Imaging, Inc. As an independent company, Truesense Imaging remains committed to the product development excellence and world-class customer service that has driven the organization for more than 35 years.




With 40 years of experience in image sensor research and production, Truesense Imaging provides an unmatched portfolio of high performance image sensors. With Interline Transfer, Full Frame, and Linear CCD platforms supporting products with resolutions spanning from VGA to over 50 megapixels, customers around the world rely on image sensors from Truesense Imaging for their most demanding applications.

Interline Transfer CCD
Progressive scan sensors with electronic shutter for real-time imaging.

Full Frame CCD
Low noise, high sensitivity imagers for a variety of applications.

Linear CCD
High performance monochrome and trilinear (RGB) arrays.




Image sensors from Truesense Imaging deliver unrivaled image quality and innovative features for use in the world's most demanding commercial, industrial, and professional imaging applications. Products around the globe capture, process, compute, and display imagery that is made possible by image sensors designed and produced by Truesense Imaging.

  • Digitization
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Machine Vision
  • Mapping / Aerial
  • Medical
  • Photography
  • Scientific
  • Surveillance



With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electronic image sensors, Truesense Imaging is a world leader in image sensor technology.  This legacy of innovation continues today with TRUESENSE Technologies, a collection of core technologies that enable a new level of performance, resolution, and image quality in image sensors.  Available in our most advanced image sensors, TRUESENSE Technologies allow camera manufacturers to provide the highest level of performance for their customers.

TRUESENSE 7.4-micron Interline Transfer CCD Platform
Leverages the superior capabilities of the TRUESENSE 5.5-micron pixel platform – including low read noise, high QE, and a flexible output structure that supports the use of 1, 2, or 4 outputs on a single device – into a larger, 7.4 micron pixel.

TRUESENSE 5.5-micron Interline Transfer CCD Platform
Forms the basis for an advanced portfolio of image sensors that provides outstanding image quality at high data rate.

TRUESENSE Sparse Color Filter Pattern
Represents a new paradigm for obtaining full-color images from a single image sensor.

TRUESENSE 6.0-micron Full Frame CCD Platform
Establishes a new benchmark for performance in the most demanding photographic applications.

TRUESENSE Transparent Gate Electrode
Significantly improves the sensitivity available from front-illuminated Full Frame CCD devices by increasing the amount of light entering the pixel for detection.


Truesense Imaging provides unparalleled support to our customers, ranging from basic account management services to a worldwide team of application engineers to assist with device selection, evaluation, and design.

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