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About Regulus HD Lens

HD Lens (High Definition Lens) are designed for applications on surveillance and ITS (Intelligent Traffic System). It features C mount FA lens, 3/4", 1", 4/3" 3Mega~10 Mega pixel  supported, f=12mm~50mm, M=0.1x ~0.7x, adpative to 4/3" CCD sensor (TSI KAI-08050), 1" CCD sensor (TSI KAI-04050), 3/4" CCD sensor(TSI KAI-02150) and all another 1/3";1/2";2/3"CCD or CMOS sensors.

To meet the demand for higher sensitivity and higher resolution on surveillance and ITS systems, the resolution of CCD iamge sensor is riasing up dramatically. Conventional CCTV lens can not meet the requirement of high resolution image sensors. Regulus technologies Co., Ltd. cooperates with well-known professional ODM lens manufactor to offer the HD lens to the market. The HD lens has been widely used in the applications of ITS and surveillance systems.



HD Lens Model NO CCD EFL Mount Iris Range
Mega-Pixels 3/4" KA1412MP3 3/4" (2/3) 12 C F1.4~C
KA1416MP3 3/4" (2/3) 16 C F1.4~C
KA1425MP3 3/4" (2/3) 25 C F1.4~C
KA1435MP3 3/4" (2/3) 35 C F1.4~C
KA1850MP3 3/4" (2/3) 50 C F1.8~C
Mega-Pixels 2/3" KA1412MP3-23 2/3" 12 C F1.4~C
KA1416MP3-23 2/3" 16 C F1.4~C
KA1425MP3-23 2/3" 25 C F1.4~C
KA1435MP3-23 2/3" 35 C F1.4~C
KA281236MP3-23 2/3" 12~36 C F2.8~F16
KA1850MP3-23 2/3" 50 C F1.8~C
5 Mega-Pixels 2/3" KA1612MP5-23 2/3" 12 C F1.6~F22
KA1616MP5-23 2/3" 16 C F1.6~F22
KA1425MP5-23 2/3" 25 C F1.4~F22
KA1435MP5-23 2/3" 35 C F1.4~F22
KA281236MP5-23 2/3" 12~36 C F2.8~F16
Mega-Pixels 1/3" KAT132713DCIRMP-13 1/3" 2.7~13 CS F1.3 AUTO-IRIS
5 Mega-Pixels 1" KA1435MP5-11 1" 35 C F1.4~F22
KA1625MP5-11 1" 25 C F1.6~F22
KA1616MP5-11 1" 16 C F1.6~F22
KA1612MP5-11 1" 12 C F1.6~F22
KA1620MP5-11 1" 20 C F1.6~F22
10 Mega-Pixels 4/3" KA2035MP10-43 4/3" 35 C F2.0~F22
KA2050MP10-43 4/3" 50 C F2.0~F22
KA2025MP10-43 4/3" 25 C F2.0~F22


Leaguer Introduction

Leaguer Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction
(The International HD lens trading arm for Regulus)

Regulus Technologies Co., Ltd. (Regulus) works with True Sense Imaging Inc. (TSI) as its Asian distributor. Regulus owns professional technical teams and works with Chinese OEM manufacturing in HD lens, to enhance services to customers and in closer cooperation with TSI. Leaguer Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in Hong Kong to facilitate international procurement、sell and logistics services for Regulus. Regulus HD lens are designed with C/CS mount, fully matching requirement of cameras ranging from 1M-pixel to 8M-pixel. The applications include e-police、traffic monitoring、banking surveillance and some Chinese Safety City items. Since 2010, there are several customers in China and Taiwan have shipped Regulus HD lens in volume.

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