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Advanced Display Controller
  • High resolution
  • Low power
  • High quality panel
High resolution Notebook Table Panel with low power 4K Notebook  
IGBT / MOSFET / FRD / TVS / SBD / ESD Power semiconductor chip and device ESD protection Automotive / Commercial / Computer Consumer / Industral Medical / Military Telecommunications / Wireless Charging
USB display extension solutions Software graphic data compression / hardware decompression NBPC mini USB docking USB Monitor USB combo docking USB - DVI/
D-Sub adaptor
KBC Keyboard control w ACPI Embedded Controller NBPC      
Touch sensor controller Capacitive sensor switch control NBPC      
Power Switcher USB / Mini-Card power switching NBPC      
Audio Amp   NBPC      
LED flash light driver   NBPC      
Tx / Rx of HDMI, MHL, DP, IDP, LVDS..... HDMI, LVDS, HML, DP, IDP, Interface IC Car A/V Consumer A/V    
TW28xx Security Surveillance Security Surveillance      
TW680x NTSC/PAL Video Decoder PCI Multimedia PC      
TW88xx In-Car LCD Display Processors In-Car LCD Display Pico Projector A/D board  
TW99xx NTSC/SECAM/PAL Video Decoders Consumer Electronics Security Monitor DVD R  
JTAG Provision, JTAG Live Studio, JT-37xx Controller Boundary Scan based total solutions Intel and ARM CPU test XDP port based ITP solutions Core-commander based emulation for embedded programming  
ARM Video SoC WiFi, Compression, ARM Core SoC Industrial Car related Consumer  
CCD Image Sensors High quality CCD Image Sensors - Interline CCD, Full Frame CCD, Linear CCD Industrial Medical Surveillance  
SDRAM / DDR1 / DDR2 / DDR3 Full spec of DDR especially Industrial Grade and Automotive Grade Provide solutions of customize memory products      
HD Lens 3/4" Lens Format. High resolution, high Contrast, low distortion, locking screws for focus and iris, Compact in size and C-Mount ITS Camera Surveillance Camera Industrial Camera  
AML System build up Service
  • Watch List Screening
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Transaction Monitoring Services
  • Case Management Tool
Automotive Industrial Automation Solutions Key Technology      
ADAS Motion and Drives e-AI Solution      
Car Audio/Body embedded Artificial Intelligence IoT Security      
Car Information System Industrial Network Motor Control Overview      
Chassis & Safety Sensor and Actuators Human Machine Interface      
Instrument Cluster IA Functional Safety Defense & Hi-Reliability Solutions      
8051 MCU MCU w flash memory embedded general Car related Industrial Consumer
  • ISP+Transmitter
  • HD-TVI Transmitter
  • 1CH HD-TVI Receiver
  • 4CH HD-TVI Receiver
HD-TVI Camera HD DVR/HD AVM/HD AVN Surveillance